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Explore our rich cultural heritage in a setting of natural beauty.


The ancient path Byklestigen

Byklestigen is an old path up the hillside about 5 km south of the centre of Bykle. The path was first mentioned in sources from 1770, and until 1879...

Copyright © Anders Martinsen Fotografer

Nature conservation area at Hovden

In the Hovden Nature Protection Area, the Lislevatn Nature Reserve and the Vidmyr Nature Reserve, all vegetation is protected to preserve the unique ...

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The Sarvsfossen Dam in Bykle

Large reservoirs are required for operating the power stations along the river Otra in a carefully planned and efficient manner. The Sarvsfossen Dam...

vatnedalsdammen i Bykle

The Vatnedalen Dam in Bykle

In the river Otra and its waterways there are 14 reservoirs. Nine of these, including the four largest, are located in the municipality of Bykle. The...

Lislestog i Bykle

Open-air museum Lislestog in Bykle

Lislestog is an open-air museum located across the road from Bykle Church. The museum is a collection of old buildings from the Setesdal Valley, show...

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Hovden Museum of Iron Production

The Hovden Museum of Iron Production is built around a reconstructed melting facility and shows how coal and iron were extracted in the early Middle ...

Bykle Rådhus

Painting exhibition - Bykle town hall

In the Bykle town hall, there is a permanent exhibition by the renowned artist Reidar Fritzvold. The paintings depict the local community before the ...

Bykles kirker

Bykle Old Church

Bykle old church is located next to the new church building which opened in 2004. This is the oldest and perhaps most distinctive church building in ...

Hulderheimen i Bykle

Huldreheimen in Bykle

Setesdal was by many perceived as an area where ancient Norway had been preserved. Customs and traditions formed part of the Norwegian national herit...