Hovden has a several step mountainsides, rising from the valley floor and easily accessible from the main road RV 9. Severals of these sides are perfect for randonee skiing. Under we have chosen eight mountaintops that are perfect for randonee skiing. Some are more challeging and some are more suitable for beginners, just the best trips for you.

Hovden aktiv and Lagg ski&fjellføring are companies that arrange guided randonee trips in the Hovden area. Give them a call if you need a guide or contact the tourist information

We also recommend some useful websites:

Trips for beginners

Good planning is half the battle

Before setting out you should gather information about snow and weather conditions. Local tourist information offices, ski schools and ski rentals will help you. For the Hovden area, map sheets describing the various randonee routes have been prepared, and these are available at the tourist information office.

We also recommend some useful websites:

Find the perfect line

Think safety when choosing a line down the mountain. Our suggestions are just recommendations. Read the terrain carefully, and consider the current snow and weather conditions. You are responsible for your own safety.

Trips for intermediates