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Explore our rich cultural heritage in a setting of natural beauty.


Hovden is a part of Setesdal, which has a rich and long history. In Hovden you find several museum where you can see our history.

Nature protection

Hovden is a part of Setesdal Vesthei, one of the biggest wild reindeer habitats in Norway.

The vast mountain areas between Setesdal and Ryfylke constitute a part of the Setesdal Vesthei – Ryfylkeheiane. The 6154 km2 area is the second largest wild reindeer habitat in Norway and home to the southernmost population in Europe of these animals. 50 percent of this area is protected to preserve a continuous mountain area with is fauna and flora, summer mountain farms and other cultural treasures. The most important aspect, however, it to preserve important sections of the wild reindeer habitat.

Les mer


The 243-kilometre river Otra is one of the ten largest waterways in Norway. The drainage basis is 3610 km2, and from its sources in the north to its outlet in Kristiansand there is a height difference of 1150 metres. On its way from the mountains north of lake Sæsvatn in Telemark, Otra runs through seven municipalities in the counties Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder and contributes to a substantial production of renewable energy.