Explore Hovden by bike

The area has a network of marked bike trails, and at the Hovden Ski Centre you may seek the challenge of downhill biking.

If you need to rent a bike, Hovden aktiv is the place to call. Here you can rent downhill- and mountain bikes, and equipment. If you need a guide to show you around the trails or in the downhill tracks, Hovden aktiv has the guides you need.

Family friendly biking trips

In the section below we have picked out biking trips that is suitable for the entire family. These trips are easy and accessible by normal bikes.

Downhill- and trailbiking

If you are in the search of more demanding biking you find two downhill tracks in Hovden alpine center. Need a guide? Call Hovden Aktiv


If you want longer trips, we have picked out some of our favorites beneath.

vatnedalsdammen i Bykle

Biketrip – Vatnedalsdammen

Bicycle daytrip Hovden - Ørnefjell- Vatnedalsdammen -  Ørnefjell - Hovden This trip follows RV 9…

Fint å sykkle langs veien

Biketrip – Tveitebuene

Bicyckle daytripHovden- Stokketjønn- Tveitebuene- Stokketjønn- Hovden40 km tur/retur The trip…

Biketrip – Veringsåe

Bicycle daytripHovden- Breive- Veringsåe- Hovden17 km tur/retur This trip follows the road to…