Enjoy the silence and the stunning nature

Surrounded by vast mountains, Hovden invites you to a magnificent hiking terrain suitable for the whole family. Hovden is a part of Setesdal vesthei, which is a protected area. In these areas you can experience wild reindeers.

If you need a guide on you hiking trip, Hovden Aktiv is the place. They have guided tours throughout the entire summer.

In our area you can also hike from one cabin to another or choose shorter trips from the city centre.

Links that could be usefull

Family-friendly hiking trips

Looking for a trip that fits the whole family? Dont´t worry, we have chosen four family friendly hiking trips for you. These trips takes 1-2 hours

Hiking trips with a view

Want to enjoy the fantastic view over Hovden? We have chosen 5 trips that will give a fantastic view over Hovden and the landscape around

DNT Cabins and cabin-to-cabin trips

The Norwegian Trekking Association has several hiking routes and cabins in our region.