A refreshing dip

Whether you prefer the refreshingly cool waters of a mountain lake or the 30-degree comfort of Hovden Aqualand & Spa, we guarantee you a pleasant experience.

Utforsk hartevatn i en Kano

Boat and canoe rental

At Hegni, there are boats and canoes for hire. Life jackets are included in the price. Prices…

Sandstrand og flere ulike vannaktiviteter

Hegni recreation area in Hovden

The Hegni recreation area is located by the lake Hartevatn, approx. 1 km from the centre of Hovden.…

Fiske ved Hartevatn

Trout fishing at Hovden

Hovden has many attractive fishing spots where you can use worms, spinners or flies as bait. Try…

Hovden Badeland & Spa

Hovden Badeland & Spa (Aqualand & Spa)

Hovden Badeland (Aqualand) is an eldorado for children as well as adults, with activities ranging…

Bading i Hartevatn

Swimming spots at Hovden

Outdoor swimming at Hovden. Along the river Otra, there are many idyllic places to swim or…