Randonee skiing to Veringsnuten

Veringsnuten is located west of Breive, with ascent at the end of the construction road towards the lake Førsvatn. This is a tall and imposing mountain with an elevation of 1256 metres. Magnificent views and wonderful descent in an open terrain.

It is quite a distance to Veringsnuten. From the starting point you have to walk for about one hour on a construction road that is not cleared during the winter. There is a gentle upward slope most of the way to the cabin where the actual ascent begins.
Follow the pass west of the cabin; proceed along the ridge until you reach the summit.
On the summit, you have two alternatives: Keep to the left or to the right. The middle section is exposed to avalanches. We choose the safest line to the right, seen from the top. To begin with, it is steep, but gradually you will be able to make long and elegant turns.

Veringsnuten might be the most demanding peak around Hovden in terms of staying power and the ability to cope with steep terrain. This is due to the avalanche risk.

Start: 59.574027, 7.283678
Top: 59.577352, 7.2048

Parking: By the road barrier. No official parking. Pay attention to the Breive pump station and other traffic.

Duration: Ca. 4-5 hours

Vertical drop: 416 m.

Orientation: Southeast 

Think safety when choosing a line down the mountain. Our suggestions are just recommendations. Read the terrain carefully, and consider the current snow and weather conditions. You are responsible for your own safety.