Keep a safe distance and respect the COVID-19 restrictions

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Hovden is expecting a large number of visitors for Christmas and New Year. COVID-19 prevention is a top priority.

Pandemic prevention is a key concern for everyone. Stringent safety measures are taken by shops and restaurants to lower the risk of COVID-19, but we still rely on our guests to respect the pandemic prevention rules (plus some local measures):


In the supermarkets (EXTRA and KIWI) only one member per family is allowed in for shopping.
Choose a quiet time of the day. If it seems busy, come back later. Both supermarkets have extended opening hours for the Christmas holidays.

Do not gather on indoor business premises. If you encounter some friends, go outside and have a nice chat instead.

In restaurants and bars, please read the information posters and follow the instructions from the staff. Some places have reservations and table service only.

Hovden Alpinsenter has specific pandemic prevention measures for the lifts, resturants and meeting points. Coming down the piste, you have to go directly to the lift for the next ride, or leave the premises. Spending time in the bottom section of the alpine centre is not allowed.
Waiting for familiy members or friends for the next lift ride? Find a safe waiting spot somewhere on the piste, and when they join you, head directly to the lift.

Pandemic prevention rules, Hovden Alpinsenter (link in Norwegian):
Alpinsenterets smittevernregler 

Ski passes may only be purchased online. You will need a key card for uploading. Key cards for sale in various shops and places of accommodation. Also for sale online, but then you must collect it at the Welcome Centre at Hovden Alpinsenter.

Ski pass information (link in Norwegian):
Les mer informasjon om heiskort. 

Hovden Badeland only allows a limited number of guests at a time. If required, a maximum time of 2.5 hours per guest may be imposed.
Pandemic prevention rules of Hovden Badeland (link in Norwegian):
Badelands smittevernregler

Information, registration system, staff and guards

Please respect information posters and instructions from staff and guards. Where guest registration is available, we strongly recommend this. We want all our customers and guests to enjoy a safe and nice Christmas holiday at Hovden.

Take your time, relax and collect wonderful moments!