Between winter, spring and summer

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The transition from winter to spring is a quiet period in the mountains. For some people their favourite time of the year, despite of off-season limitations

The conditions are normally perfect for cross-country skiing outside the tracks , but the weather plays a significant role in this respect. For enthusiasts, springtime in the mountains is an excellent opportunity for exploring new grounds.

In some places, mainly in the Western mountains, there are restrictions on public access during the period April 25 – May 31, due to the wild reindeer calving season. This is also marked on the map of the Hovden region (available at the Tourist Information).

Hiking on foot may be a problem, at least in the northern parts of the municipality, but further south, you may take this opportunity to discover new places and attractions.

Note: The museums open around June 20, but you may take a walk on their outdoor premises, for example the open-air museums Huldreheimen and Lislestog in Bykle, and the old church in Bykle.

Otherwise – just spending some time outdoors does a world of good … We wish you a pleasant spring!