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There are boats for rent at the Hegni outdoor area by the lake Hartevatn. All the locations mentioned are known for their tasty mountain trout. Fishing licences for the various areas for sale online via

The various areas:

1: Otra – The license is valid 2 km southwards of the lake Hartevatn and all the way southwards in the river towards Kilefjorden near Evje.
In some places along the river it is forbidden to fish. These places have information of this.

2: Hartevatn – License is valid in the river Otra, northwards to “Børtemnnsbekken” and southwards, 2 km from the end of the lake. The license Is not valid in Breivevatnet.
License can be obtained at

3: Lislevatn – The whole lake.
License can be obtained at

4: Væringsdalen – The license is valid for: Øvre- and Nedre Veringsvatn, Fisketjønn, Tormodstjønn and the northern part of Store Førsvatn (1 km)
License can be obtained at

5: Myrkvævområdet  (near the tourist cabin “Sloaros”). Valid for the following lakes: Fisketjønn, Den Lange Tjønni, Sloarosvatnet, Langevatn, Øydeskyvatn and Gravevotni. Valid also for part of the lake Einarshyttvatn and Kaldsvatn, which is situated within the border of Agder county. The license is also valid for the eastern part of Skyvatn.
License can be obtained at
5: Mjåvatn – (included in area Myrkvævområdet)
License can be obtained at

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