Catch the trout

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The river Otra is one of the longest rivers in southern Norway and has its source just north of Hovden. It has a large stock of trout.
Other good fishing spots are the various mountain lakes near Hovden.

Available lakes and rivers

Fishing areaDay passWeek passYear pass
Otra 50125 250
Myrkvæven (near Sloaros) 50 150 -
Mjåvatn50150 -
Lislevatn ( -
Veringsdalen (
Hartevatn ( 350

Everyone who wants to fish must have a fishing license, both adults and children.
Fishing licenses are purchased at the tourist office.

For some lakes the license can be purchased online on

Some lakes and rivers are not covered by a fishing license. In such cases you need permission from the landowner.

Over 16 years? 

Persons 16 years or older must pay for the fishing license. Day passes cost NOK 50 and weekly passes cost NOK 125 to 150.
Fishing licenses can be purchased at the tourist office in Hovden.

Under 16 years?

If a fishing license is sold for the area, children under 16 are entitled to a free license. If a fishing license is not sold, children can fish without a license. The fishing right applies regardless of the child’s nationality and place of residence.

Barn fisker


Allowed fishing gear

In Otra and the various lakes around Hovden it is allowed to fish with worm, flies, swallows and otters. In certain cases, fishing with net is permitted. Fishing with live bait is not allowed. The release or transfer of fish from one lake to another is also prohibited.

Fluer for fluefiske

Need equipment for fishing?

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