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Enjoy the silence and the stunning nature

Surrounded by vast mountains, Hovden invites you to a magnificent hiking terrain suitable for the whole family. You may spend days exploring the trail network of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) or try the short local summit hikes.

Easy trips without major challenges (green)

Otrosåsen – round trip 5 km – Summit trip with pram

Hegni outdoor area- Trail

Some challenges, but nice family trips (blue and red)

Børtemannsbekken – round trip 10 km

Hartevassnuten – round trip 4 or 7 km

Søre Hartevassnuten – round trip 6 km

Hovdenuten – round trip 4 km

Storenos – return trip 4 km

Støylsskarnuten – round trip 8 km

Longer trips, usually including accommodation in DNT cabins (red and black)

Cultural relics in the mountains – 3 to 4 days hike

Tjørnbrotbu – self servered DNT cabin in Setesdal Austhei

Sloaros – self service cabin

Berdalsbu – DNT-hytte i Setesdal Austhei

Nearby picnic areas

Otrosåsen – shelter and campfire pan

Juvet – shelter and campfire pan

Jarebu – day-hike cabin in Bykle

Difficulty and classification

Green: Beginners. No specific requirements. Mainly short walks with moderate ascent, but without any steep or difficult sections.

Blue: Beginners. For people in average shape. Most of the ascent is moderate, but may include some steep sections.

Red: For experienced hikers. Several challenges that may include steep ascents and river/stream crossings.

Black: For highly experienced mountain hikers. Longer and more technically challenging hikes. Knowledge about map and compass required.