American Barbeque

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American Barbeque

Welcome to American Barbeque Monday, July 4th at Hegni Beach. We celebrate America's National Day.

Hungry for barbeque?

We look forward testing out our new barbeque pit smoker. This summer we will grill food over a fire, as they did in the past.

Slow smoked brisket, short ribs made in our smoker for several hours and preferably up to 12 hours.

Served Texas Brisket Sandwich, American Spareribs, Smash Burgers, Hot Dogs and etc etc.

we want all our guests to experience our bbq and if we know you are coming, we can plan well for you and your friends. Great if you book in advance.

In the bar we have all the drinking rights as well as some local exciting drinks, and with that view over the water, beach and mountains both outside and inside. We are also the only one with an outdoor bar at Hovden.

The kitchen also serves other dishes such as tapas, charcuterie & cheese fillets, tacos, quesedillas, nachos and more. How about some bubbles or sangria?

There are many who ask where we are located and how far we are from the center and Hotel Hovdestøylen. Hegni is located about 1km from the center / - 750m from Hovdestøylen, the trip takes about 12-20 minutes to walk depending on your pace. It is a scant 600m from Hovdestøylen if you take the hiking trail along Otra. And if you take the hiking trail between Hegni and Gamle Gard it is about 2.5km (30min walk)

Book a table tel +47 94871197