Børtemannsbekken – round trip 10 km

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Børtemannsbekken – round trip 10 km

Enjoy the crystal clear water and the sound of the roaring river.

This is a round trip following both sides of the river for approximately 3 kilometres. It takes you above the treeline and provides a nice view of the Hovden Nature Protection Area which borders the river to the north. From the parking areas, the total distance of the hike is 10 km.

The ascent is moderate, without steep sections, but if the river runs high, you may have to walk back the same way. As there is no bridge across the river, it must be waded.

The northern trail (to the left) has a lot of smooth, sloping rocks and may become slippery in rain. The southern trail (to the right) follows a narrow path which continues to the DNT cabin Tjørnbrotsbu. This hike is suitable for families, but children need assistance when crossing the river and must be under adult supervision due to the changing water conditions.

Two alternative starting points:
1) Day parking north ("Dagparkering nord"), approx. 3 km north of central Hovden sentrum. 
2) Day parking sourth ("Dagparkering sør", approx. 900 m. north of central Hovden.

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