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Gamle Gaard – restaurant

Gamle Gaard ("The Old Farm") is a part of the mountain farm Fjellgarden Hovden and consists of an old storehouse for food and a two-storey main building. The farm dates back to the 18th century and was originally located at Uppstad, further south in Setesdal. It was purchased and moved to the Hovden alpine skiing centre, where it served various functions. In 2010 the buildings were moved to its present location and underwent a thorough restoration.

Once more there is ski rental at Gamle Gaard ("The Old Farm"), combined with an amazingly pleasant ski cafeteria and restaurant. Delicous food is made in the recently expanded kitchen, including the Swiss speciality raclette, which is accompanied by local Norwegian food traditions. 

The meals are served in two charming rooms, where ancient local traditions are maintained

There is also a ski café and coffee bar where light meals are available, along with various beverages. 

With years of history and a rustic atmosphere it is easy to arrange pleasant gatherings - whether it is a meeting, a party or an informal social gathering.

Welcome to a unique experience!