Husky wagon tour

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Husky wagon tour

Run your own team of dogs

This tour runs on small mountain roads in beautiful mountain areas. Listen to the sound of dog sledding, the sound of the dogs that work and tails that wag. Join us for a wonderful and memorable experience in an amazing scenery.

Previous experience is not required. We teach you what it takes to run your own dog team, and we answer all your questions.There are two adults per wagon, one driving the wagon and one passenger. You switch in the middle of the trip. Children sit with the guide or together with an adult.

This activity is weather-dependent, and is only sold on spot. Huskies are arctic animals and cannot run in too hot conditions. If the temperature is too high, we recommend the husky hike.

Contact Haukeli Husky, Svein Magne Myklebust, telephone +47 415 11 304 or email: