Juvet – shelter and campfire pan

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Juvet – shelter and campfire pan

Lean-to shelter and campfire pan - at your disposal

At Hovden there are two lean-to shelters, at the small summit Otrosåsen and near the gorge called Juvet. Here, you may seek shelter from strong winds and bad weather, eat your packed lunch, enjoy coffee from the thermos or use the campfire pan to prepare a meal. 

For the benefit of all users, please bear in mind the following:
* Bring your own firewood. The nearby trees will not thrive if the branches ang twigs are removed. Anyway, fresh branches and twigs are not good firewood material.
* Plastic, metal and glass shall not be placed in the campfire pan. Please take with you such items and other waste; nothing must be left behind.
* The lean-to shelter is for free use, and there should be room for everyone. Welcoming other visitors is a nice gesture.
* When leaving the lean-to shelter, put out the fire, and make sure that the area is clean and tidy before the next guests arrive.

Both lean-to shelters are located at a reasonable distance from the road, making the hike possible for families with young children. You may go there with a pram in the summer and a pulk sled in the winter. Please note that the hike to Otrosåsen has some steep sections and may pose a challenge to the youngest children.

Welcome to our nice picnic areas!