Randonnee skiing to Hengjefjell

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Randonnee skiing to Hengjefjell

This is the only summit in Setesdal which offers a descent of one thousand height metres.

This is the only summit in Setesdal which offers a descent of one thousand height metres. Some logistic planning is required, however, including the use of two cars: one to be placed at Løyland, the destination point; the other one for getting to Berg, the starting point. At Løyland parking is allowed in the yard at the farm called Graver. This is a more convenient solution than parking along the road, which may make passing difficult for other vehicles.

At the starting point, parking at Berg is recommended, as you will gain some additional height metres. From there the ascent is gradual, until you reach the mountain ridge at Hengjebui on your way to Hengjefjell. Here the terrain gets steeper and somewhat more challenging. After the final ascent you have reached the summit of Hengjefjell, with magnificent views of the beautiful valley of Setesdal. If exactly one thousand height metres is your goal, make your way to the top. The terrain is very gentle here, and you may need to use your ski poles to pick up speed. If you are most interested in the descent, put skins under your skis and find the perfect starting point in steeper terrain.

The best line is along the stream Flossi. Keep a good distance to the Rindebakken mountain, a place with substantial avalanche risk (several times each winter). Flossi is a descent which is suitable for people of all ages. If you want a steeper and more challenging alternative, you may choose the line along the stream Skullevassebekken further north. Both these randonnées are preferably done during nice and cold winter conditions. 

Start: 59.191713, 7.50246
Summit: 59.206349, 7.430019
End: 59.243963, 7.464266

Vertical drop: 1000 m

Orientation: North east

Length: 4 km in a straight line "As the crow flies"



Think safety when choosing a line down the mountain. Our suggestions are just recommendations. Read the terrain carefully, and consider the actual snow and weather conditions.
You are responsible for your own safety.

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