Red bike trip – 16,5 km

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Red bike trip – 16,5 km

Red biketrip
16,5 km

This roundtrip has longer hills, and also some technical areas on narrow paths.

Start at Hegni, follow the gravel road to "Hovden Høyfjellsenter". Follow the gravel road to "Hovden Vassverk", and continue towards "Juvet". About 500 meters past Hovden Vassverk, turn left on the path down to the main road (RV 9). Turn left, and follow the road to "Hovden Høyfjellsenter". Continue on walkway/road to "Hovden Fjellpark". Turn left on the path just before the hill in Hovden Fjellpark, to the top of "Djuptjønnvegen". Follow this to the bottom, turn right, then left to the "Langrennsarena". Turn right, and follow the road closest to the lake around "Otrosåsen" until you reach the bridge at "Hovdestøylen". Cross the bridge ,and continue to Hegni.

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