Søre Hartevassnuten – round trip 6 km

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Søre Hartevassnuten – round trip 6 km

Søre Hartevassnuten      1155 m.a.s.l.         

Along the lake Hartevatn is the mountain range Hartevassnutane, consisting of several distinct summits. Søre Hartevassnuten is the tallest one, at 1155 m.a.s.l. This is a demanding hike with continuous ascent all the way to the top, and going back on the other side of the mountain, you have to traverse a large scree slope.

Children and dogs may need assistance when crossing this section. Moreover, there is an almost vertical wall to the east, and if you are in the company of children, it is vital that you keep an extra eye on them.
On the first kilometre you follow the stream upwards through the birch forest, but the terrain gradually becomes more open, finally giving way to bare mountains. From the top there is a splendid view of the surrounding mountains. This is marked as a round trip on the top before you return on the same trail through the birch forest. The trip may also be combined with the summit Nordre Hartevassnuten, returning via the Hartevassnuten cabin area.

Starting point: Hegni recreation area, 1 km south of Hovden.

 Length 6,1 km  Round trip 
 Difficulty Demanding, ascent all the way. Large scree and steep slopes / 

 Leash period :1 Apr.–15. Oct

 Marking : Blue

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