The Fun Day

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The Fun Day

Bykle and Valle Kunstlag invites everyone to celebrate "Gamadagen" with us!

Pop up art exhibition
Joint art project for children and adults
Serving of "Uzbek Plov" stew on a bonfire from The Village "igloo"
Workshops with stones and leaves

This Sunday is a national marking of the Year of Volunteering, which involves everyone in Norwegian volunteering.
The Art associations' day is 4 September. We in Setesdal have chosen to call this day "Gamadagen". (The Fun Day)

We have chosen to promote Hegni on Hovden as a cultural arena, and welcome you to celebrate a fun day with us!
We have a collaboration with the school in Bykle on an art project for children which we will present on this day.

Bykle og Valle Kunstlag is a voluntary organization that promotes workshops, art, exhibitions and various other things. We have 25 art-loving members and have a number of plans and art trips ahead.

What would your local environment look like without volunteering? What is the history of the voluntary teams and associations? Why is hard work and volunteering an important part of our own art, culture and history?

More information about the theme will be posted on the Bykle and Valle Art Association page

The intention to increase the inclusion of diversity through food, art and cultural experiences.
Our vision is that art creates society.

We wish to show values ​​such as innovative, current, engaging and inclusive to clarify a broad and lasting commitment to art in Setesdal.

We do this by stimulating experiences, making them visible and enlightening.