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08.45 Attend The Village and have a tea, chat or coffee before the yoga class
09.00-10:00 Yoga class

Binding registration
Limited number of places
Payment to: The Village
Yoga: 250,-
Smoothie 85,-

Welcome to a refreshing yoga class with perhaps the best view in the world.

The yoga part is led by Nina Moseidjord, owner and yoga teacher at Emijoly Yoga.

Nina W. Moseidjord owns Emijoly Yoga in Kristiansand and has taught yoga full time for the past 8 years. Her yoga style is a mix of Vinyasa mixed with elements from Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Rocket, Dharma and the calm from Yin.

Artic Yoga will be an active class suitable for everyone. The class will have a lot of focus on balance and strengthening the ankles, knees and hip muscles. Suitable for all ski enthusiasts and perfect before or after a ski trip.

Remember to dress with wool clothes, wool socks and bring a yoga mat, water bottle and towel. The room is heated but it is good to bring some warm clothes for relaxation.

Remember to bring: yoga mat and drinking bottle and warm wool underwear.

We follow the infection control rules.


Description Price
Price 250.00kr (Tickets)