From cabin to cabin

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At Hovden there are three DNT cabins within skiing distance, and they are all connected to the larger network of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

Local organisations:

DNT Sør DNT Aust-Agder

Berdalsbu – DNT-hytte i Setesdal Austhei

Tjørnbrotbu – self servered DNT cabin in Setesdal Austhei

Sloaros – self service cabin

Winter waymarking

The winter routes in the mountains are generally marked with tree branches, but a few of them have bamboo or plastic poles. The mountain routes are marked only during parts of the winter.
Please note:
In most places, the markings are kept until the snow disappears, but the routes are not maintained after the indicated dates. In a few places, the branches are removed after the last marking date.
The marking process may be delayed or discontinued due to difficult weather conditions.
A route to a cabin may be marked even though the cabin itself is not open. The reason for this is that the route continues to another cabin, which is open.
Read more about winter waymarking on the Norwegian Trekking Association’s website