On the wild reindeer’s terms

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We share the mountain with Europe’s southernmost wild reindeer herd

Wild reindeer often live in large herds and require vast grazing grounds in the mountains. These animals are very shy, and are easily stressed when they notice the presence of humans. Norway has an international responsibility to take care of its wild reindeer population, which often is the main reason for establishing protected mountain areas. Some of Hovden’s cross-country trails run through such protected areas, which means they may be closed for shorter or longer periods due to animal welfare.

In the autumn of 2017, Bykle municipality – together with regional authorities – initiated the project «Adaptive trail management». The purpose is to adapt for the development of cross-country trails while considering the wild reindeer and their habitat. Based on data and analyses from GPS-marked animals and their use of the area, some trails have been included in a three-year test project commencing in the winter of 2020.

The trails included in the project are subject to certain regulations and limitations:
1. «Galteflotti». The trail opens on the first Friday after the cross-country ski race HovdenTour, which in 2020 takes place March 21. It may be kept open for the rest of the season.
2. «The S in Berdalen». The trail may be groomed throughout the season, but with only one track through the reindeer migration route.
3. «The Berdalen triangle». The trail may be groomed throughout the season, but will be closed or adapted to a shorter round when the «Galteflotti» trail opens.

The «Sloaros» trail is not included in the actual project, but has the following limitations: Groomed from the winter holiday (weeks 8 and 9) up to and including Easter Monday.

On what days are the trails groomed?
The above mentioned trails will be groomed only for Saturday and Sunday during the open periods. During the winter holiday (weeks 8 and 9) and Easter holiday they may be groomed daily.

Closing of the trails:
If reindeer are observed in the area where one of the trails passes through, this trail will be closed. It will remain closed for a minimum of three days.
The snow and ski report tells you which trails are open.