Randonee skiing

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Randonee skiing

Hovden has several step mountainsides, rising from the valley floor and easily accessible from the main road RV 9. A number of these are perfect for randonee skiing. Below we have chosen seven mountain tops that are perfect for randonee skiing. Some are more challenging and some are more suitable for beginners.

Trips for beginners

Randonee skiing to Svånuten

Randonee skiing to Glidbjørgnuten

Randonee skiing to Kaldsfjødd

Trips for intermediates

Randonee skiing to Vråstøylsfjellet

Randonee skiing to Storenut

Randonee skiing to Søre Hartevassnuten

Randonee skiing to Lisle Storenut

Other trips in the neighboring municipality, Valle

Randonnee skiing to Strandenuten at Bjørnevatn

Randonnee skiing to Holfjell, Bjørnevatn

Randonnee skiing in Sondrelåmi, Valle

Randonnee skiing to Hengjefjell in Valle