Randonee skiing to Holfjell

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Randonee skiing to Holfjell

Two alternatives down from the peak Holfjell at Bjørnevatn.

Holfjell, 1294 m.a.s.l., is located north-east of the tourist cabin Bjørnevasshytta and offers versatile skiing. With Bjørnevasshytta as a starting point, continue north through the cabin area until you reach the couloir. Turn east and follow the couloir to the summit.

Alt 1: Holfjell has several descent options. A family-friendly alternative is the couloir to the west, somewhat north of the Bjørnevasshytta cabin. It is generally nice and gentle, unless the wind produces large snowdrifts on the edges. In that case – be careful. If you are looking for a steeper descent, the couloir somewhat further south on the western side of Holfjell is a good option. It is more challenging and requires good skiing skills.

Alt 2: Even more challenging is the route that follows the stream Sandebekken. The terrain is steep and can only be negotiated on “safe” days. On spring snow this is a wonderful experience. Follow the Sandebekken stream to the top and take approximately the same way down. The reward is a vertical drop of 500 metres and a lot of fun skiing which ends with some open sections in the birch forest.

Start: 59.347348, 7.537823
Top: 59.359599, 7.558894

Parking: No official parking. Pay attention to other traffic.

Vertical drop: 300 m.

Orientation: South west / west



Think safety when choosing a line down the mountain. Our suggestions are just recommendations. Read the terrain carefully, and consider the actual snow and weather conditions.
You are responsible for your own safety.

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