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Tjørnbrotbu – self servered DNT cabin in Setesdal Austhei

Tjørnbrotbu – self-service cabin

The self-service cabin Tjørnbrotbu is owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

This cabin is situated 1300 m.a.s.l., in the Eastern Hills of Setesdal, approximately 11 km from Hovden, It accommodates 22 persons (main cabin and safety cabin combined). The hike from Hovden to Tjørnbrotbu is easy, but the landscape is open (mountain plateau). Adequate clothing and equipment is therefore recommended. 

From Tjørnbrotbu you may continue on the DNT trail network to Bjåen (north) or Berdalsbu (south).


Tjørnbrotbu in the winter

Ski trails are groomed in the direction of the cabin, except for the last 2,1-km strech, which is waymarked with temporary tree branches. This waymarking continues south to the DNT cabins Berdalsbu and Bjørnevasshytta, and takes place between the winter and Easter holidays. 

For further information about Tjørnbrotbu and the regional trail network, see